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Since, like anyone else, I receive tons of scam emails and snail mail letters, I decided to present here some of these. All of these (and many more which I just delete) are scams. This means, what the senders have in mind is to racket one of us. And according to what I've seen, they do succeed quite often.

If you have similar letters in your mailbox, either disregard or play with the person knowing that you can't give him (or her) any information about:

  1. Your bank account,
  2. Your address — or any valid address if that matter,
  3. Your family, and
  4. any other information that you judge private or even intimate.

Ha! I say "Your"... even if you don't like your neighbor at all, don't give his information either. The Internet leaves tracks (hackers in the US are being caught one after another!) and you would certainly be in even bigger trouble.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading these letters as I do myself once in a while. 8-)I do not always add comments with the letters since I usually don't have time to do so, but there would often be a lot of joke to tell!

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Latest Scams
  • Last update: 09/27/2013

    A couple days ago, I subscribed to the RFP/RFQ from the City of Sacramento. Today, I got this email. Okay, very frankly, this is fortuitous, since he used my SourceForge email address. But I still thought that was an interesting coiencidence.

    So... here we have someone who's trying to get our company's info. I'm not too sure what they can do with those, especially because what is being asked here is all available free on the Internet (just need to know where to look I guess). But well... this may only be the introduction and some people may think that since everything is available ...

  • Last update: 11/23/2014

    There is a new kind of scam! This guy is certainly looking to get your information and most preferably your advanced payment, for nothing more than smoke. Hey! Who would not want to have a couple of nice little dogs? For sure, I wouldn't respond to such an email... 8-)

    Now if you have any idea why there is this "(prof}" in there, let me know! 8-)

    Return-Path:		<root@69-64-79-150.dedicated.abac.net>
    X-Original-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Delivered-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Received:		from mail.m2osw.com (jcolo [])
    			by halk.m2osw.com (Postfix) with ...
  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Cool! Look at the subject! Why not right away say what you're up to, hey?! 8-)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
    X-Apparently-To:		alexis_wilke@yahoo.com via; Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:22:51 -0700
    X-Originating-IP:		[]
    Return-Path:			<adduke@tiscali.co.uk>
    Received:			from (EHLO sc8-sf-mx1.sourceforge.net) (
    				by mta168.mail.scd.yahoo.com with SMTP; Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:22:50 -0700
    Received:			from mk-smarthost-1.mail.uk.tiscali.com ([])
    				by sc8-sf-mx1.sourceforge.net with esmtp (Exim 4.34)
    				id 1Bexy6-0006Br-8M; Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:22:50 -0700
    Received:			from mk-cpfront-3.mail.uk.tiscali.com ([]:46850 helo=mk-c
  • Last update: 02/18/2012

    That's new! Now the court is contacting me to apologies and offer me to get paid back for all that money I lost before because of nigerian scams.

    Note too sure, but... is there a federal court in Nigeria? The fact is there is! Whaaaaooo! That part is not a total lie.

    Also, I like the "Working I'd". Notice the apostrophy?

    From FEDERAL HIGH COURT Wed Mar 19 23:18:53 2008
    X-Apparently-To:	alexis_wilke@yahoo.com via; Wed, 19 Mar 2008 23:18:58
  • Last update: 11/23/2014

    I thought I'd put this one because it looks pretty good. That is, it really looks like the bank talking to you. Thought a bank is very unlikely going to send you an email which is just one single image and of course event less an email which asks you for all your personal information since they already have them.

    Since this is an image, it is easy for it to show a correct URL. Of course, it would send you to another server, not the bank's.

    Of course, since I live in California and the bank does not opperate here, I don't have an account with them anyway...

    Note: I added the ...

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
    X-Apparently-To:	alexis_wilke@yahoo.com via; Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:38:14 -0800
    X-Originating-IP:	[]
    Return-Path:		<sgtjonathan@waterloo.com>
    Authentication-Results:	mta256.mail.re2.yahoo.com from=waterloo.com; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
    Received:		from (EHLO mail.sourceforge.net) (
    			by mta256.mail.re2.yahoo.com with SMTP; Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:38:14 -0800
    Received:		from demeter.waterloo.com ([]) by mail.sourceforge.net with esmtp (Exim 4.44)
    			id 1FEpsb-0004qD-5c; Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:38:13 -0800
    Received:		from wa
  • Last update: 10/31/2009
    Received:	from netscape616.com
    		by substitute with [XMail 1.22 ESMTP Server]
    		id <S7E7A> for <alexis@m2osw.com>
    		from <florincemaitama@netscape.net>;
    		Wed, 14 Jun 2006 04:00:56 -0700
    From:		Florince <florincemaitama@netscape.net>
    To:		alexis@m2osw.com
    Reply-To:	maitama_maitama@yahoo.com
    Subject:	URGENT REPLY
    Date:		Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:02:32 +0200
    MIME-Version:	1.0
    Content-Type:	multipart/mixed; boundary="a1dc3788-1da2-4852-be1c-788e1998a31b"
    Dear Friend
    Greetings to you in the most wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    His richest blessings shal
  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    La Reine Franca. Moui... Au Canada, on a des reines?

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Good one! I'm his Dear Partner and he has to present himself to me in details because I think I actually don't know my Dear Partner...