400,000 bots working hard every day

A row of honey pots to capture scammers. You know, when it's too good to be true...

I'm registered with different systems to help my company eliminate most of the scam it receives. The problem is that some of my customers emails also get kicked out... Ouch!

Today, I received an email saying that the Project Honey Pot received it's 1 billionth spam email. I guess that was not a surprise seeing the large amount of scam you receive every day (I know that I receive well over 1,000 emails a day on my site.)

The people on that project work on detecting where things come from and what is being used to send the data. They have found many different things that you can find on their letter here. Two interesting facts that I noted:

  • Every day, there is 400,000 computers, worldwide, that send spam emails (maybe yours?)
  • The place where the strongest spiders are found is the USA, followed by China.

The bots are pretty well scattered around the globe, but the spiders used to get your email addresses are mainly in the US. Entrepreneurship is strong in the US...

What do you do to eliminate spam from your mailbox?