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Each document is categorized using this taxonomy. A scam may be to collect your information or to ask you to send money. It may make you believe you won 1 million and you'll have to give me your bank info... These categories are used to this effect.
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  • $1 million (57)
    This is how much you are going to get... for helping someone to transfer money from somewhere to your account to somewhere else. Who will be blamed for money laundry afterward?


  • Credentials (101)
    In general called phishing, this category represents websites that attempt to get your info such as your e-Bay login and password. To do so, they replicate the original website and send you there using an email with a URL to that fake page.


  • Game (10)
    We all heard it: "You won $1 million!" The fact is that this $1 million will be yours only if your ticket is the winner ticket. Plus, if you take the whole amount at once, you actually only get $333,333... Yes. If you read the fine print, that's much less interesting. Now, there are some that will ask you to send them $20 or your banking information before they release the money. What do you think will happen? You're right. They'll cash the $20 or get $100 out of your bank account and bye bye!


  • Help (3)
    This one is a cry for help. Always hard to say no to someone asking for help, right? Well... The fact is that when that someone just wants your money for nothing in return, I don't like it. The funniest I've got is this top model who lost everything in some African country and had to ask me for some money to get a plan ticket back here. I'm sure she could not email her parents or brothers instead!


  • Inheritance (135)
    This is a very common scam, often called the 411 scam for it started with facsimile a long time ago. It most often comes from Africa where some real rich person died suddenly and left a huge lump of money. All you have to do is fill out all the legal paper and send them back with a check to someone who is taking care of the case for you. Of course, the check gets cashed and the papers put in the trash (if not reused to pump even more money from your bank account.)
  • Investment (70)
    This poor guy, he has millions and he's asking me for some help to invest his money in my country because the economy here is more stable (yeah... right!) Okay... so... how often have you heard of a millionaire asking you to invest his money? No... Really?


  • Job (5)
    Need a new job? You're tired of your old job or your salary is no good or you have some spare time you could use to work at another place? There you go, you just received a new piece of mail and all you have to do is enter all your credentials and you're going to make money. Maybe just an extra $500/mo. but that's great to pay the bills, right? Well... not if after a few days you notice that the money got stolen on your bank account.


  • Lottery (25)
    One of the most seen scam, in regard to games, are lotteries. Those where you win $1 million or more... but somehow they need you to send $20 to get you the check. You know, they just cannot use $20 off the $1 million and just send you $999,980...


  • Networking (15)
    Looking for an agent position? We have something for you, you'll make tons of money and you'll be greatly rewarded with trips to our country, etc. etc. Now we need all your credentials: name, address, bank account, SSN, etc. Oh! Yeah! You'll be an employee of us and we need all of that info. As you're at it, send us a W4.


  • Phishing (79)
    This one is very similar to other scams. It is used to specifically speak of a scam where you are asked your credentials. This is, in most cases, a login and a password to a page such as your bank account, PayPal or Amazon. After that, the bad guys have your info and can use your account to steal your money or buy something in your name (which is exactly the same since it will be paid with your money.)


  • Sale (41)
    This is the one "nice" spam... 8-) This is generally legal but quite annoying because you cannot get out of it (or at least not easily). Someone trying to sell you something using heavy spamming methodologies.
  • Scam (350)
    A scam is a scheme used to immorally get money from you. It may be illegal, which I think is secondary. The main idea is to get money from someone and not render any service nor send any product in return.
  • Sick (12)
    We've heard of people who died a few years back and left all of that money and who has not had anyone claim the money. Cool. Now, there are these people who just got cancer or something like that, and who have a huge pile of money that they absolutely need YOU to give to a charity. They are so rich and so desperate, they cannot even contact the orphanages, food banks, red cross, and other organization to distribute their money.
  • Spam (47)
    A Spam is an unwanted piece of mail, be it electronic or on paper. Spammers are those people who send you an email without first asking you whether you are interested in getting it (auto opt-in). At least, when companies have an opt-out feature, it isn't too bad. The main reason why we do not like spammers is because there is no way to opt-out (and why would they offer you such an option since all they want is sell you Viagra and other drugs in some illegal manner!)


  • Thief (17)
    Some people get hold of some credit card numbers. With those they want to buy stuff, whatever you've got in your e-Store will do great. All they want is to resale those or pick something they'd like to have. The point here is that they are going to use a credit card from someone else. So the price, the goods, etc. do not matter much. Those are just details. Of course, when you only sell business to business goods, there is no point for them to ask you anything about that, right?


  • Virus (13)
    A certain category of spammers send viruses. Although we don't offer the viruses here, we show the emails, how they are presented to you so as to push you to open the piece of mail and its attachment. Viruses are generating billions of dollars of loses every year.
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